Frequently Asked Questions About Writing Support

How can I make an appointment?
Simply fill out the Request An Appointment form, call (401) 598-5268 during the hours listed on the main page, or email onlinewritinghelp@jwu.edu

How long will I wait for a response?
As we offer hours on the weekends as well, you can expect an initial response within twenty-four hours. Please be aware, however, that the initial response may only be an acknowledgement that your email has been received.

What kinds of writing can I submit?
We accept writing assignments from all of your courses at Johnson & Wales! For example, you might submit a response paper for your humanities course, a senior thesis, an application, a literature review for your management course, or a poster presentation. No matter the assignment, remember to leave yourself plenty of time for feedback and revision, particularly for lengthy assignments.

How far in advance should I make my appointment?
Because we offer assistance with all phases of the writing process, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or reach out via email as soon as you can. Whether you have an outline, a draft, or simply a working thesis statement, you will benefit from working one-on-one with the Support Specialist.

What paper formats are acceptable?
Microsoft Office Suite applications are acceptable.

What if I am late to my phone call or Zoom session? What if I have to cancel?
We do understand that things happen. If you have to cancel, please provide as much advanced notice as possible. If you do not join a phone call or Zoom session within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment, be aware that the Student Writing Support Specialist may no longer be readily available when you do reach out.

Do I need to have a complete draft of my paper or project ready before I make an appointment?
We recognize that writing is a process, and are ready to work with you at any stage, including the brainstorming and outlining stages.

What if I have just a quick question about my writing?
We certainly welcome questions or concerns about any stage of the writing process. If you have a brief question regarding a particular piece of your work, or one on grammar or punctuation, please contact onlinewritinghelp@jwu.edu. Providing examples is also always welcome!

What kinds of help can I receive?
Writing help comes in many forms. Together we can work on such issues as brainstorming, outlining, transitions, organization, theses statements, grammar, editing, formatting, and creating APA or MLA citations.

Will my instructor know that I received help?
We do have a form that we can send to faculty, with your permission.

Can my instructor refer me for writing help?
Yes, your instructor can send a referral to the Student Writing Support Specialist, requesting that she reaches out to you to offer support.

How often can I submit an assignment?
You have up to three opportunities to work with the Student Writing Support Specialist per assignment. For example, you might send your assignment and draft via email, and then schedule a Zoom session and a follow-up phone call, which totals three communications.  Be sure to plan ahead by having your questions ready!

What information do I need to submit with my work?
Along with your name, course and instructor name, and the due date, it is always helpful to include a copy of the assignment requirements.