Meet the Student Writing Support Specialist!

Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss for words when it’s time to write your final paper?  Whether you struggle with APA or need help with organization and revision, COE Writing Support is here for you!  

My name is Kellie Nappa, and I am the Student Writing Support Specialist.  Prior to joining the College of Online Education, I was a Composition Instructor for several local universities, and before relocating back to RI was responsible for enhancing the writing skills of students with learning and language disabilities in Northern Vermont.  I am published in Community College Momentand Academic Exchange Quarterly, and act as Submission Review for College English.

Challenging and engaging others, and myself, is my ultimate goal and one that I continue to strive for.  The context of the online environment shapes my approach, in that each student occupies what I call three “spaces” of learning and language — work, family, and school — and it is through these spaces that I guide each student to consider his or her communicative abilities.

I am always on the hunt, whether through my own experiences, online research, or participation in online forums, for the most useful means of helping students with their critical thinking and writing skills.  Because of this, I have already compiled a wealth of resources, from tips on subject-verb agreement to time-management strategies, that I am eager to share!  You most certainly should take advantage of the instructional materials posted on the site, as they are comprehensive, timely, and easy to follow!

For those of you who are new to online learning, I recommend to keep in mind the following: We learn to write by writing, and revising, and writing again, and that the most successful learning occurs in many different ways, through many different technologies.  Your comprehension of course material will be influenced by your life and work experiences, and through your interactions with others, both in the real and virtual worlds.  And that’s a good thing!  It will all help you to become a well-rounded, global learner.  

Welcome to The Writing Blog, and stay tuned for advice on writing, proofreading, and navigating the online education experience!